Monday, 26 May 2014


I just moved into the studio 606 at Residence Etudiante L'Observatoire, however, there are a few minor "problems" which I hereby am documenting, this Monday, the 26th of May 2014 at around 20h in Montpellier, in case at the end of my stay the reception try to charge me for the problems which were already there before my moving in the studio.
There is a 'bookcase" which is positioned on top of the tables in the room. On the lower "case" it has two burn marks.

There are various usage marks all over the walls as I have specifically stated in the "contracts"

The floors are overall in good condition, however, near the entrance in front of the fridge, the floor is a little bit damaged. Nothing very serious, however, as it can be seen from the photos, it is very noticeable.

Again, there is another burn mark, however this time, inside the fridge.